Engineer Term: Civil and Environmental Engineer

We know that most part especially throughout europe and US, environmental engineering is usually part of civil engineering. This is because inside civil engineering, contains information, field of study which are now studied under environmental engineering. Upon graduation, we will be designated a “engineer” title. The term of civil engineer title itself came from a long history.

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Environmental Engineering Roots

Environmental engineering is a relatively new profession with a long and honorable history. The title of “Environmental engineer” interestingly was not used until 1960s in US, when academic programs in engineering and public health schools broadened their scope and wanted to have special and accurate title to describe their material and courses. Thus, the differentiation between environmental engineer and public health or other engineering part hopefully become more clear.

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Outline of Introduction of Environmental Engineering Course

This is the outline of the class of Introduction of Environmental Engineering. Oke, let’s get straight to the point. Several topics that I am going to explain here are as follows:

1. Environmental Engineering Roots and History
2. Environmental Impact Assessment
3. Risk Analysis
4. Water Pollution and Water Quality
5. Water Supply and Water Treatment
6. Wastewater Treatment and Collection
7. Sludge Treatment and Disposal
8. Nonpoint source water pollution
9. Hazardous Waste and 3R (reuse, recycling and recovery)
10. Air Pollution and Air Quality.

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