Environmental News: what’s today

I just read my local newspaper and there were two news catching my eyes. The first one was talking about water scarce in Tiongkok, or some of you may say China. While we sometimes use water excessively and exploit water too much, there are our brothers out there who need water badly. Water scarce as reported happens in Hainan Province, South of Tiongkok due to hight dryness. More than 120 thousands people experienced clean water crisis and paddy field dry due to lack of water.

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Global Warming: Conclude yourself

It’s really challenging or either quite confusing for those whose background is not related to global warming or air pollution. I am Environmental Engineer, but I am really not major on this. This begins when I watched A Unconvenient Truth, presented by Al-Gore, when at the movie he talked about global warming, and the problem is this movie was shown on the class which has nothing to do with global warming, Environmental Emerging Contaminants. Amazingly, I keep thinking about the impact that may occur because of global warming, from what he said.

Obviously, what the movie was telling that, we have been emitting such huge amount of CO2 annually, and that cause the increase of solar radiation trapped by this gas, thus results in an increased temperature, and rise the temperature. The effect, ice melting, just like what had happened in Canadian Arctic recently as a result of global warming.

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