Outline of Introduction of Environmental Engineering Course

This is the outline of the class of Introduction of Environmental Engineering. Oke, let’s get straight to the point. Several topics that I am going to explain here are as follows:

1. Environmental Engineering Roots and History
2. Environmental Impact Assessment
3. Risk Analysis
4. Water Pollution and Water Quality
5. Water Supply and Water Treatment
6. Wastewater Treatment and Collection
7. Sludge Treatment and Disposal
8. Nonpoint source water pollution
9. Hazardous Waste and 3R (reuse, recycling and recovery)
10. Air Pollution and Air Quality.

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Seems TiO2+UV do not have effect toward HA removal

I almost finished my current short term goal. I did some tests, using membrane 50 kD, 15 kD. For both, I used same comparison, one using TiO2 coating plus UV, the other one without them, just naked membrane. Seems that percentage removal of TOC between TiO2+UV membrane and just naked membrane, better for naked membrane. Wow.. I keep wondering why..

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