Indoor Air Quality and Satisfaction Level in Apartment

In this research project, we aim to learn and investigate various factors from air pollutants towards human health indoor. For the very first project, we target several pollutants such as NOx, CO, formaldehyde and VOC and how these affect human satisfaction index. Goal: Environmental Index quality for air pollutants eg Formaldehyde, VOC, NOx, CO, and … Read more

Whole House Water Filter System Models

Often we tend to wonder if world peace is such a big issue. This is because we are getting bogged down with some problems eating us up on a daily basis, such as water contamination and health issues. There are water problems across the globe, and this is mainly due to the increased percentage of pollution in the atmosphere, which allows germs to move about freely and cause health ailments. Water is something we all need in our lives, it is an essential element that cannot be avoided and so there are numerous whole house water filters available in the market that help us keep ourselves safe.

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Water Filter Supplies for your Home

The most important thing that we all use freely on a daily basis is water. And so if someone were to tell you that the water you drink or take shower in is dirty and contaminated we would immediately turn towards a water filter. There are times when one would notice repeated illness pertaining to throat or stomach; this could be due to the germs in the water. In the market, there are different kinds of water filters available, for specific purposes like drinking water filter and the whole house water filter. Therefore, it is essential to have one of them in place to avoid any health hazards.

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