Global warming and emission

Its been a long time ago when I wrote about global warming. I just checked again and I remember I lost that article due to hosting problem at that time. Well, probably if I have more time I will rewrite it, or copy it here if I still have the copy of the file. As you know, the major cause of global warming is the presence of CO2, well known as one of the greenhouse gases exist in our atmosphere.

Now the sources of this CO2 vary, from industries until the biggest major pollution source, is transportation. As matter as fact, vehicles in both developed and developing countries have a very significant growth. Thats bad I will say. Why, that will make more CO2 being released on our atmosphere. The presence of CO2 will trap most of UV light sent by the sun, thus will increase the temperature of the earth. Enough to say, but the proof is already in front of us.

This is worsen if more CO2 is emitted, especially by broken or unperfect combustion of your vehicles engine. More CO2 is produced, and as result in longer term, this will help the earth to become hot. What matters is, if you feel that smoke is completely thick coming from your car, its really good idea to check it out. Even better if your car is already under car insurance, so you can claim, of course if the damage is covered by the car insurance company, the damage to the company. If you haven’t do so, its not too late do register now, find good Auto Insurance Quotes fix your car, and don’t make our ambient air pollution become worse.

This is a sponsored review, but will not change my point that any small thing from your side to minimize the release of carbon dioxide, it would be a very valuable action. Act now, and get Auto Insurance Quotes.

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  2. By Gabe on Jun 3, 2008 | Reply

    Anybody Interested? Know anybody who is?

    Project Manager/Engineer with Air Experience

    The ideal candidate must demonstrate knowledge of air permitting, emission calculations/inventories, and an understanding of existing and proposed regulations and their implications. The desired qualifications and experience include:

    - BS in Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering or a closely related field.
    - Minimum of 3-5 years of relevant professional experience with a focus in air permitting.
    - Significant experience with air permitting projects including the following:
    * identifying/characterizing air emission sources,
    * estimating emissions,
    * determining applicable regulatory requirements, and
    * preparing permit applications.
    - Strong quantitative and analytical skills.
    - Excellent verbal and written communication.
    - Proficiency in other environmental consulting disciplines considered a plus.

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