Summary of my theses

Well, as I have written several ideas in a very old posts, such as UF fractionation, TiO2 coating, photocatalysis effect to molecular weight distribution including gel filtration chromatography, now I want to summarize what I have done and brief result.

Basically I would like to find out the performance of TiO2-UV membrane with membrane without the coating. However, I did several extended version of the experiment. Those are summarized on the outline below:

1. The Effect of the coating towards the permeability
2. Rejection performance of TiO2-UV membrane
3. Flux performance of TiO2-UV membrane
4. The effect of TiO2 mass coated on the membrane surface
5. Immobilized and suspended TiO2 on membrane process
6. The effect of UV towards the membrane performance
7. Molecular weight distribution during the membrane process
8. Membrane characteristics

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