Environment Sites and SEO

If you are wondering SEO is, it is Search Engine Optimization. What it has something to do with environment? Well, I make this post to encourage those environmental sites webmasters to build sites that SEO-friendly.

Often, during my experimentation, or the process of gathering specific information about environmental related issues, all I meet were only websites that have not had most information I need, and the worse was those websites are listed on top 10 for my specific keywords!

There are of course two possibilities of why this may happens. First, algorithms of google search engine, that is probably not perfect enough to filter websites unrelated to specific environmental keywords inputed into search engine box. Second, the most probably reason is most of environmental sites webmasters do not optimize their website properly according SEO rules. Their target is only for get listing on the internet, which is of course on one side is understandable. Learning SEO will spend additional time and resource as well. But this will affect to the quality of search result on the google. You type your keywords, only to find unrelated, or even unnecessary, websites, thus it will waste your much time to find another sites that suits you.

The aim for this post is to ask webmasters for at least considering their website for SEO optimization. Not only for benefiting searchers, but of course more exposure towards their website.

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