Planning ahead: theses

Right, I am trying to list here what I am planning to do within short time:

At the moment, I am cleaning my all membranes after TiO2-UV batch: 1 kD, 15 and 50 kD, two pieces for each.

FTIR, SEM, AFM and XRD purpose:
naked membrane, fouled membrane, TiO2-UV membrane, TiO2-UV fouled membrane, and retentate and permeate for both naked and TiO2-UV membrane. All for 5 kD membrane.

Less concentration for batch:
Last time I use 1.25% TiO2. I will try to use 0.5%, batch for still 1 hour. Another is to try 0.5% TiO2 for 2 hours, and 1.25% for 2 hours as well.

TiO2 suspension:
I will try now for 15 kD TiO2-UV membrane, but this time, TiO2-UV was suspended on the sample. Try another 15 kD TiO2-UV coated membrane, and naked membrane again, use 0.5% TiO2.

Less concentration TiO2 coating:
I will do again with 0.5% TiO2, coated on the membrane. I still do not know what pore size can be used.

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