Environmental News: what’s today

I just read my local newspaper and there were two news catching my eyes. The first one was talking about water scarce in Tiongkok, or some of you may say China. While we sometimes use water excessively and exploit water too much, there are our brothers out there who need water badly. Water scarce as reported happens in Hainan Province, South of Tiongkok due to hight dryness. More than 120 thousands people experienced clean water crisis and paddy field dry due to lack of water.

It was reported that last rain occured more than a year ago, and sooner or later this dryness will extend to other province. Not only Hainan is experiencing dryness, but Sichuan may experience as well if drought season still continue. This of course will worsen health, and paddy field over the area. From this fact, we should have learnt that water management plays a very important role in order to anticipate such bad condition befalls.

Other news reported about the ban by FDA for “Jermuk” brand mineral water imported from Armenia due to the risk of exposure to arsenic, a toxic substance and known cause of cancer in humans. Symptoms of acute arsenic exposure usually occur within several hours of consumption. The most likely effects include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach pain. Over the period of a few days to weeks, the kidneys, liver, skin, and cardiovascular and nervous systems could be affected. Extended exposure could lead to cancer and death.

It was known that the content of arsenic inside the water is over the allowable safe threshold, around 60 times more exceeding international standard. FDA sampled 500 milliliter (mL) green glass bottles and detected the problem. FDA testing of this water revealed 500 – 600 micrograms of arsenic per liter while FDA’s standard of quality bottled water allows no more than 10 micrograms per liter.

From these two news, I have learnt that prevention is always better than cure. Water management is really important to identify future unwanted case and how it can be overcame. In the other hand, safety over the water we consumed must be really well applied. Do not drink water that has not been certified by water testing center.

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