Wastewater Reuse

Today, I have Environmental Emerging Contaminants class. Its relatively new subject in Taiwan, especially in Indonesia. However, I am not going to talk about these particular contaminants, but I promise to myself, as soon as I have time, I will make some introduction of emerging contaminants.

What makes me write this post is, today we had 2 persons present their report, one of them is my friend Chao-Lu, whoever his name is, totally difficult for to recall (sorry 🙁 ), another one is me. Interestingly, we both discuss almost the same topic, which is wastewater reuse. The difference between us is that he proposed the use of membrane technology to remove emerging contaminants contained in the effluent of wastewater treatment plant for wastewater reuse, while I am proposing Soil Aquifer Treatment. Again, next project of mine will be explaining what is membrane, and what is Soil Aquifer Treatment.

We all must have concerned that it is estimated we are going to face water scarcity, water shortage. This is true especially for overpopulated countries such as China, India. Thus, water reuse has been the primary concern nowadays, and that what my friend was talking about on his presentation. He presented the importance in Taiwan for water reuse since the demand of water almost (or already?) exceed the water resource available. It’s not surprising when Taiwan, especially in Taipei, where I live now, the population is very crowded, typical high residence, buildings surrounding everywhere.

So, I think it is better for us, starting right now, establish “safe water” attitude, start from now on, from your own place, and from your own environment. Remember we still got many brothers out there who need water badly, but they couldn’t just get it right away, instead they walk for kilometers just to get a bucket of water. SAFE OUR WATER!

Some pictures of water shortage:


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