Photocatalysis effect for organic particle distribution

In this post, I would like to focus the effect of photocatalysis, in this case represented by Titanium dioxide and UV irradiation for organic particle distribution, which is natural organic matter, represented by Dissolved Organic Carbon, humical acid. I would like to know which organic particle size in responsible for fouling of TiO2-UV membrane.

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Wastewater treatment plant: the beginning

As you probably already aware, waste disposal methods had been found from ancient time. Sewers were found in the prehistoric cities of Crete and ancient Assyrian areas. Sewers built by the Romans, although at the first were mainly for carrying storm water, but in practice sewers were used to carry organic matter because of dumping refuse by the Romans, and this organic was carried along with the rainwater runoff. There are various pictures you might like about Roman’s disposal system in Lynn Wastewater treatment plant world history.

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Environmental Magazine

I found this magazine recently, it was on website. This is quite interesting since it is not easy to find magazines dedicated fully to environmental condition. Here what they say: About E: The Environmental Magazine: E covers everything environmental “from recycling to rainforests,” including climate change, the state of oceans and rivers, and wildlife … Read more