Global warming wins

Nope, not literally “global warming” wins but the movie that is talking about global warming. Yup, Al Gore, main actor on his documentary movie “An Inconvenient Truth” has won Oscar for best documentary movie.

I am really surprised, or “should I shock?” about this. I do not know the criterias set to judge that movie to be worth for oscar. But if the decision was made because if its background, plot story, nice and clean motion and stage, then I agree. It is displaying a very good documentary movie and as matter as fact I do not feel that it was like a “documentary” rather than a promote-try to convincing movie about global warming issue. I’d rather value more if it wins because of the plot story.

On the other hand, interestingly, the win of the movie had been predicted before:

Al Gore’s movie on climate change is likely to win an Oscar for best documentary on Sunday even though it arguably violates the Academy’s own criteria and should be disqualified, critics say.

The source claimed that the movie was not even match for the rules set for an award. It did not tell the fact instead of some kind of fiction, especially when the movie tells you about the drowning polar bear, which Gore says it is because global warming, while the source says it wasn’t. Panda, as pictured on the movie were reported dead drowning because they were trying to find and reach the nearest ice cube which is already rare due to ice melting resulted from global warming. But John Berlau, author of a new book on the environmental movement entitled “Eco-Freaks,” claims the polar bear scene departs from reality.

That episode took place after a severe storm, but Gore makes no reference to a storm during the film’s animated polar bear sequence.

Despite of the disputement between global warming activists and skepticisms, I am the one who support what it the movie tells about, all about global warming. I do believe it due to the facts that can be easily seen throughout the world. Rapid changing of the temperature of the world, ice melting, not to forget mentioning the lessening of the panda habitat. I do believe that people because of desctruction behavior are the main contributor of this phenomenon. Despite the fact that Al Gore was lost of his president election, I hope that he is really honest on his actions to promote “save the planet and reduce your gas” action.


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