Complete the first task

So, basically what I am going to do is to complete first target within this month. I hope I can accomplish it ontime. It has already been posted before about the performance in terms of flux, rejection of several membrane pore size, 50 kD and 15 kD. Now, I will try to use 1 kD and to repeat 15 kD which the last data seems invalid.

So today, I am testing 250 ml and 325 ml humic acid dilution to 12 L of pure water. I’d like to confirm the result. 325 ml of HA should result around 9 ppm or less, while 250 ml, that’s what I want to know. The result of 325 ml was around 8.6 ppm HA, thus I’ll make it 350 ml of HA to be diluted. 250 ml produce around 6.6 ppm HA. Next time if I want to get 7 ppm, I’ll add 275 ml raw HA.

There are 5 steps in my research, and I have not event finished the first one.. Oh boy..

First step is to confirm performance of TiO2-UV, second to study particle distribution, third to learn and investigate the structure of membrane surface after TiO2 coating. Fourth is to use TiO2 suspension inside feed water, and the last is to check the effect of ionic strength.

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