Outline of Introduction of Environmental Engineering Course

This is the outline of the class of Introduction of Environmental Engineering. Oke, let’s get straight to the point. Several topics that I am going to explain here are as follows:

1. Environmental Engineering Roots and History
2. Environmental Impact Assessment
3. Risk Analysis
4. Water Pollution and Water Quality
5. Water Supply and Water Treatment
6. Wastewater Treatment and Collection
7. Sludge Treatment and Disposal
8. Nonpoint source water pollution
9. Hazardous Waste and 3R (reuse, recycling and recovery)
10. Air Pollution and Air Quality.

Now, in case you are wondering about the textbook I use, I’ll let you know. I am using Environmental Engineering book, by the author Ruth F. Weiner and Robin A. Matthews. I like this book although I might use another textbook as companion. However, this book will be my main book. You can search this book on your favorite bookstore, in case you want to buy it in Amazon, I already search it, and I just can’t find it. Seems the book is quite rare.

Those topics above are heavy, and I realize it would be impossible to cover them completely. But, like I mentioned in the title, I would only put brief introduction on each of the sections. Complete description can be seen on another related website, or through this blog. This blog will contain much more information than what you will find on the main site as the main site material will be adjusted to fit 15 weeks of effective semester teaching class and thus it likely act as summary from this blog.

First week will explain brief about history and what environmental engineers do in related fields and the roles in the society.

2nd week: Environmental Impact Assessment

3rd and 4th week: Risk Analysis

5th and 6th week: Water Pollution and Water Quality

7th and 8th week: Water Supply and Water treatment

9th week: Sludge treatment and disposal

10th week: Nonpoint source water polution

11th week: Hazardous waste and 3R

12th and 13th week: Air Pollution and Air Quality

The remaining week would be presentation and group discussion.

That’s it. I hope I can keep it up and consistent to create this material: Introduction of Environmental Engineering

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